Refurbished Juniper Ex2200 Ethernet Switch

The Juniper EX2200 Ethernet Switch provides your company with several options. It is adaptable and scalable. As a standalone switch, the EX2200 Ethernet Switch delivers high-performance switching. This product is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and high-density data centers. The EX2200 Ethernet Switch has a throughput of 240 Gbps and can handle 16 million packets per second. Green It Soluzione sells the best networking products like Refurbished Juniper Switch, cisco routers, switches, Cisco cards, etc. A managed Ethernet switch is the Juniper EX2200 Ethernet Shift. It provides Layer 2 switching platforms with low latency, high performance, and a wide range of security features. It also provides wire-speed performance with a latency of less than one microsecond. Juniper's Multiple Contexts for Security (MXCS) feature allows you to run multiple security contexts on the same hardware. SACs enable hardware acceleration of the most recent cryptographic algorithms. These switches include a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command-line interface (CLI) for configuration and management. Green It Soluzione offers top-quality Used and Refurbished Juniper Ex2200 Ethernet Switch at the lowest price.

Refurbished and Used juniper ex2200 ethernet switch

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