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If you want to save money on your IT infrastructure, you might have come across the terms refurbished and used server parts. But what do they mean, and how are they different? This blog post will explain the definitions, benefits, and drawbacks of refurbished and used server parts and help you decide which option is best for your needs.

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Refurbished Server Parts

Refurbished server parts are components returned to the manufacturer or a certified vendor for various reasons, such as defects, damage, customer dissatisfaction, overstock, or lease expiration. The parts are inspected, repaired, tested, and restored to their original specifications and performance. Refurbished server parts usually come with a warranty and a quality guarantee from the seller.

Benefits of Refurbished Server Parts

  • Refurbished server parts are less expensive than new ones yet provide comparable quality and reliability.
  • Refurbished server parts are better for the environment since they reduce electronic waste and energy usage.
  • Refurbished server parts can assist you in extending the life of your old servers or upgrading them to modern technologies.
  • Refurbished server parts are made to work with specific types and brands of servers, so you won't have to worry about them not being compatible.

Drawbacks of Refurbished Server Parts

  • Refurbished server parts could show indications of wear and tear or have visual defects.
  • Refurbished server parts may have limited availability or selection based on market demand and supply.
  • Depending on the seller's policies, refurbished server parts may have shorter warranties than new ones.

Used Server Parts

Used server parts have already been owned and operated by another customer but have yet to be inspected, fixed, or restored. Used parts for servers are sold without the seller's promise or quality guarantee.

Benefits of Used Server Parts

  • Used server parts are the cheapest choice because they have lost value and are becoming obsolete.
  • Used server parts can help you find things that are hard to find or have been taken off the market.
  • You can use used server parts to try different setups or technologies without spending too much money.

Drawbacks of Used Server Parts

  • Used server parts are dangerous because they could be broken, incompatible, or fake.
  • Used server parts are unsuitable for the earth because they may contain harmful substances or use more energy than newer ones.
  • Used server parts may not meet your standards for speed or security because they need to be updated or have been hacked.

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Types of Server Parts and Their Applications

A server is a computer that other computers or gadgets on a network can use to get things done. Servers can do many things, like host websites, store files, run programs, send texts, and more. To do these things, Servers need various hardware, like processors, memory, storage, network adapters, and power sources. We talk about the different server parts and what they do in a server setup.


Processors, called CPUs (central processing units), are the server's brains. They follow the directions in the software and do the math and logic operations. Processors have more than one core, separate units that can run different jobs simultaneously. Regarding speed, the more cores a processor has, the better it is. But not all apps can use multiple cores, so clock speed, cache size, and architecture also affect how well a processor works.


Memory, also called RAM (random access memory), is where data and instructions the system needs to access quickly are temporarily stored. Memory is volatile, meaning its data are lost when the power goes out. A server with more memory can handle more info simultaneously and run faster. But memory costs money and uses energy, so there is a trade-off between cost and capability.


Storage, also called disks or drives, is where the computer keeps the data and files it needs to save for a long time. Storage is not variable, so it holds its data even when the power goes out. The two most common forms of storage are hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). Data is stored in flash memory chips in SSDs instead of spin magnetic disks in HDDs. SSDs outperform HDDs in speed, noise, reliability, and energy economy. They are, however, more expensive and have less capacity.

Network Adapters

The hardware known as PSUs (power supply units) transforms alternating current (AC) electricity from an electrical outlet into the direct current (DC) power that the server's parts require. A power supply's wattage and efficiency reveal how much power can be delivered and how much energy is lost as heat. The more wattage and efficiency a power source has, the more effectively it operates and the less energy it wastes. However, fans are also required to cool down power sources.


Buying used or refurbished server parts is a great way to save money on your IT infrastructure. However, you should carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option before making a purchase. Refurbished server parts are superior to used parts in quality and reliability but are more expensive. Refurbished server components are more reliable but more expensive than their used counterparts. The ideal option ultimately depends on your preferences, needs, and money.

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