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A network card is a gadget that helps computer hardware connect with ethernet or network connectivity called LAN(Local Area Network). A computer consists of PCI slots and PCI X1 slots that allow connection to various devices. (e.g., LAN card Network Card, Bluetooth network card).

These slots are used if there is an issue inside your motherboard. The problems can be your Lan problems, audio jack problem, ethernet connectivity, etc. In this situation, you can use these cards to resolve your issues. These networks are also known as NIC(Network Interface Controller). The commonly utilized network card in LAN card. The card allows to exchange and transfer of data over the Internet. These Network cards are easy to install. You must install a driver for your network card to initiate the work.

A similar card is also known as a network adapter card allowing your gadgets to connect over the Internet(Local Area Network). You can connect to Green It soluzione for any Networking device. We sell out the best Used Cisco Cards in Mumbai, Andheri.

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Refurbished and Used cisco cards

Speed Of a Network Card

In the olden time, these network card was not advanced, and that's why having low-speed issues. The max speed supported by these cards is 10 Mbp. But now the time has changed. Modern Network cards are made up of the latest technology, which can support up to 100 Mbps speed. Gigabit network card can offer 1000 Gbps speed with additional benefits.

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The wireless network Interface card

These Network Interface cards (NIC) allow you to connect to a more extensive selection of wireless networks. It also allows transferring of files and data to other computers. These cards are compatible with Windows, Linux operating systems, and Mac.

These cards offer the best secure wireless network card in the market. It creates wireless connectivity that's more reliable and speedier. It's a great idea to use this product for an uninterrupted internet connection. The card features an excellent range, making it simple to use in different settings. Network interface card functions include a high data transmission rate, broader connectivity coverage, and complete control.

Wireless Network Card

Wireless Network Card is ideal for laptops that can't connect to the Internet. These cards are compatible with any computer with a USB port and don't require additional installation. It's an excellent choice for those looking for portable devices and network cards for pc wifi.

Gigabit Ethernet network card

This gigabit Ethernet network card provides an easy and convenient connection to any device to the Internet. Gigabit Ethernet networking cards offer more excellent speed connectivity and downloading speed if you face downloading speed issues. The card can transfer information at rates as high as 1000Mbps. These cards are ideal for people who need a fast and dependable internet connection. It also can connect to devices using connectors like RJ-45.

Virtual Interface cards

Virtual Interface cards can be described as devices that offer an easy way to expand the capacity of Ethernet ports. The card can establish a network connection with the server and is compatible with it. The card connects directly to the PCI slot located within the motherboard.

Core Routers

These core routers are designed to meet the world Internet's increasing demands. The routers are suitable for data centers for enterprises, cloud networks, and network service providers. It offers excellent bandwidth and speed. A core router is the middleman of a network. These Core routers are present at large enterprises, having a more significant number of devices and wanting high internet speed.

Types of network Card

Ethernet NIC

NIC lets you connect your computer to the Internet. This network Interface Controller is a straightforward and cost-effective way for network connectivity to your PC. Ethernet Network Interface Controllers are available at various speeds. They work for the vast majority of Windows Operating Systems. Ethernet NICs are well-known methods of connecting to the Internet. A tiny circuit board is placed inside the motherboard, which allows the computer to connect to the Internet through an ethernet cable.

Wireless NIC

Wireless Network Controller (WNIC) provides the possibility of an Ethernet connection to computers that don't possess the Ethernet port. The controller is made up of an antenna instead of an Ethernet port. Wireless NICs are simple to configure and utilize. These wireless devices work with all operating systems and connect with any router. It's designed specifically for use with wireless routers that provide Internet connectivity.

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Cisco Line Card

A Cisco line card connects the line to the node and provides input/output. A line card is plugged into a router that provides a data link between the router and the network. It is a plug-in modular module that connects to the other cards in the node. Our products also include Cisco Interface Carddell rack servers, hp workstations, aruba access point, cisco access point, etc.

Line cards we sell out

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